Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Free Pattern: Miniature Top Hat

A friend of mine and I have been bouncing ideas off each other, creating new patterns, and such, and I came up with this miniature top hat for an upcoming project! Something good about this is that it's really basic, but it's also easily customizable. You can make it bigger, taller, wider brim, add some tiny eyes and a little felt mustache....anything goes!

Pattern and photos are Copyright © 2012 Lillian Minneman - Just Stitched. Pattern shall remain free, and may not be reproduced or sold. Feel free to link to this pattern.

The Miniature Top Hat is made in the continuous round. Please read the pattern in full before beginning. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

G/4.25mm Hook
WW yarn in black (or color of your choice)
Yarn Needle

Miniature Top Hat
Round 1: sc6 in magic circle (6)
Round 2: 2sc in each st around (12)
Round 3: sc around in BLO (12)
Rounds 4-6: work in both loops, sc around (12)
Round 7: 2sc in FLO around (24)
Join to first sc of last round
F/O, weave in end.

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